Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Summer Do’s and Don’ts

Summer’s right around the corner. This means more barbecues and family gatherings. But while this season opens up more free time and fun time, it also opens up opportunities to either keep your teeth in tip-top shape or in terrible shape. At Rittenhouse Dental, it is our goal to make sure our patients know how to take care of their teeth. Because, after all, we only get two sets of them. This list will include foods and beverages that are both beneficial and detrimental to your Dental Health.

Do Consume:


A fruit that only comes around during this time of year, yes, please! Watermelons consist of mostly water, hence the name, but they also include a plethora of natural sugars that both your teeth and body need.

 Frozen Yogurt:

Who would’ve thought that a frozen dessert would be good for your teeth? Frozen yogurt not only tastes good, but also has many nutrients such as protein, potassium, folate, magnesium, vitamin B12, and zinc. But since many flavors of this dessert include unnatural sugar, it would be best to restrict yourself to the no/low sugar varieties.


Milk contains both calcium and phosphorus, which are both necessary in order for your body to function. Not only does milk taste spectacular, but it is also helpful for your teeth. Milk also

contains something called caseins, which are proteins that build up and form a covering over your teeth, preventing decay.

Don’t Consume:

 Corn on the Cob:

A summer favorite, corn on the cob seems like it would be good for your teeth, but it is actually an extreme annoyance. The outer skin of the kernels easily falls off and slides in between your teeth, making it both annoying and unhealthy. The longer you let it sit on your teeth, the longer the bacteria is able to feed off of it and create a risk for cavities. It would be best to find an alternative to this vegetable at the next family cookout.


These frozen, summer treats are popular for a reason, they are great to help cool off on a hot summer day. However, they are damaging to your teeth. Popsicles are loaded with sugars and other unhealthy supplements. The sugars that these treats include aren’t natural either. Not only are the contents of the dessert harmful to your dental health, but the chewing motion used to

consume this frozen refreshment can cause damage to your tooth structure.


This beverage always sits on top of the “not good for your teeth” lists, but its notoriety is

warranted. Sodas are loaded with unnatural sugars that attack and destroy the caseins that sit around your teeth, leading to decay. Sodas also include tons of acid, which attack and erode tooth enamel. Frequent consumption can cause tooth structure to be eaten away, thus causing increased sensitivity and pain in your mouth.